nudus+brankhia= nudibranch

Nudibranch aka kelinci laut or siput laut (in Bahasa Indonesia) is a shell-less marine opisthobranch gastropod mollusks.

Nudibranches lack a mantle cavity.

Their eyes are sensitive of smells and evrything, and able to discern little more than light and dark. The eyes are set into the body, are about a quarter of a millimeter in diameter, and consist of a lens and five photoreceptors.

They vary in adult size from 20 to 600 mm. These creatures r hermaphroditic, but they can rarely fertilize themselves..

Nudibranches are carnivorous.Some of them are eating sponges, and some are eating other sea slugs, and on some occasions, members of their own species (hmm..)

Wow nudibranches really amazed me because of their skin colours.they are beautiful but poisonous..

Another moreee beautfulll pictures :) :


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